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How Do I – Train Skills

For today’s question, zukula asked, “Can we train skills, and if so where they are located?”

There are several ways to train skills, and even add new skills as you play ESO. The most basic way to add a new skill is to gain a level. Each time you gain a level, you will receive an attribute point and a skill point to add to your character.  Another way is to find Skyshards, which are hidden around Tamriel, much like the welkynd stones were in Oblivion. For every three skyshards you find, you’ll gain a new skill point. Finally, as you use the skills you have added (or the inherent skills that you were “born” with), those skills will gain levels. It’s not at all unusual to be exploring the wilds and get the message that your light armor skill has gone up.

How to add a skill

Typing ‘K’ brings up the Skills screen:

How To find Skills on the Selection Menu
Skills on the Selection Menu

Here it is on the game screen so you’ll know where to find it.

How To Skills Selection Menu on Screen
Where to find the Selection Menu on your screen

Clicking on the skill menu (or typing K) opens up a side screen on the left that will look similar to this:

How to add skill points - skills list
Skill List

The skill headers (Class, Weapon, Armor, World, Guild, Racial, and Craft) will be the same no matter what character you’re playing, but the choices under them will change depending on how you’ve designed your character.

Each class has a unique skill set, as well as each race. Use the balance of the two to create exactly the character you want to play.

Depending on the type of character you want to play, I recommend spending at least one early skill point on your favorite weapon type (poison arrows are very handy if your character isn’t very strong yet) and if you’re wanting to do alchemy, quickly get to level 2 and then add the skill to be able to find material easily. Alchemy plants are hidden in the wild, so having anything that makes them easier to spot will significantly help your collecting.

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    1. Very true, Raiderpb. The last guestimate I saw was around 400 total points from all sources (quests, dungeons, leveling, skyshards, etc.), and that still won’t max out the skills.

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