Talking about Plague inc with Jahn

Why hello there, my name is Jahn. I like cheese as well as playing games.  Plague type selection

Today I’m going to talk about a really fun game called (drum-roll please), Plague, Inc!

It’s a really fun game about creating a plague to wipe out the human race (yay, genocide)! You can use bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc., to create the mass extinction of the human race. Yippee!

As much as this sounds easy, it’s a fairly hard strategy game where you have to upgrade your plague so it won’t be found out or cured. But you have to have it spread and as i said before, “Get the world dead.”

To do this, you can change it’s symptoms. immunity to antibiotics and lab reproduction (to make it less curable) as well as choosing different regions that get infected.  You can also mutate it to be more effective on farm animals, rodents and birds. Plus, you can make it more effective in Air/Water travel (which is how you get those darn Aussies as well as Greenland and  Iceland).

Different types of plague do different things; for instance the Virus rapidly mutates and the Fungus has to have spores burst to really spread.

Anyways I think that’s all for today. Hope you enjoyed! 😀