Dragon Dragon and Sir Bear

My entry for the Sims 3 weekly Design a Room challenge (this one is ending April 14).

This is Sir Bear.

A well-loved teddy bear wearing cloth armor
The hero of our story

Sir Bear belonged to a little girl named Suzie who had been very, very sick. She and Sir Bear had been in the hospital for a long time, but Suzie was doing better and they were coming home.

Sir Bear and his best friend, a stuffed blue dragon
Planning a surprise

Sir Bear and his best friend, Dragon Dragon (along with Mom and Dad), had planned a surprise for Suzie.

When Mom asked what Suzie missed the most while she was in the hospital, Suzie quickly answered, “Colors. It’s so white here, I miss all the beautiful colors.”

And so, Sir Bear and Dragon Dragon (and Mom and Dad), redesigned Suzie’s bedroom. Dragon Dragon would come visit every day and whisper to Sir Bear of the wonderful changes that were being done.

“Mom and Dad hung our portrait on the wall,” Dragon Dragon whispered to Sir Bear on one visit. “As soon as you come home, we’ll have to pose under it.”

Sir Bear and Dragon Dragon pose under a picture of a dragon and knight
Posing under the picture

Dragon Dragon was proud of himself. He didn’t tell Sir Bear all of the secrets, because Mom and Dad were turning Suzie’s bedroom into something special for all of them. They were turning her room into a castle with an indoor courtyard.

Dragon tapestry viewed across colorful bed
Dragon tapestry

“What it must feel like to be such a large dragon,” sighed Dragon Dragon to himself. “But then I wouldn’t be able to fit into Mom’s bag or curl up on the bed with Sir Bear and Suzie.”

Looking out at the garden from the bed
View from the bed

“Mom and Dad planted a garden in front of Suzie’s window and she can lay in bed and look out at the flowers,” Dragon Dragon whispered to Sir Bear on one visit.

Mom knew that Suzie would need a lot of rest when she came home, but she would also want to move from the bed sometimes. And so, Mom created a courtyard in the bedroom, with places to play and places to snuggle up and rest without having to lay in bed.

“What do you think, Sir Bear?” Dragon Dragon asked on the day they came home. Dragon Dragon had been showing Sir Bear the courtyard and smiled when he saw how surprised both he and Suzie were. “I’m glad I learned how to keep a secret,” Dragon Dragon thought to himself.

Dragon Dragon shows Sir Bear the courtyard and asks him what he thinks of it all
What do you think?

“I love it!” Suzie told her parents, echoing Sir Bear’s response to Dragon Dragon. Sir Bear smiled when he heard her, and reached out to give Dragon Dragon a hug.

Everyone is home safe and sound
Sir Bear gives Dragon Dragon a hug