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A Look at Mods for the Sims 3 – Basics

I <3 NRAAS mods. They are the only game-changing mods I will use. I have almost all of them and can’t really imagine my game without them now.

This first post will focus on the basic mods that are good for everyone to have. They help with basic issues in the game (like routing).

Error Trap – Be warned, this mod produces Script Error files in your Sims folder. The errors aren’t from this program, they are the errors from your game. I just delete them about once a week or so, although if you have a recurring issue, you can always post them on the Nraas site and let them figure out what’s causing the issue.

An image of script errors in a Sims 3 folder
GoHere – You want this one. You won’t even notice it’s there, but once you’ve used it, you’ll notice it’s absence (it’s a routing program).

Image of Overwatch in the Sims 3

Overwatch – Quoting from the site, “This mod’s purview is the correction of persistent or recurring errors produced by the Core game or other mods.” In other words, one of the most necessary of all Twallan’s mods. Also allows you to turn on TestingCheatsEnabled so that you don’t have to redo it every time you start playing.

Register – Helps fix some of the bugs in the game related to tourists, cashiers, etc.

Saver<3 Automatically brings up the save box at whatever time period you specify. This has saved me sooooo many times. It also brings up the box when you’re in the middle of a build, the only way I’ve seen to save during a build. I love this one. :)

And that’s it for today. Tomorrow, I’ll share about a few fun mods that can make a major difference to your game.