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Belkarth, a village in Craglorn

Just a few photos I took today as I started exploring. I’ve barely made it out of town yet, looking forward to all the new discoveries along the way. 🙂

Map of Craglorn

Map of Craglorn
The wayshrine shows the location of Belkarth.

Lorebook found in Belkarth

The Totems of Hircine - Craglorn Lorebook
The Totems of Hircine

View of the town from a balcony

View of Belkarth, Craglorn
Balcony view of Belkarth

A couple books found in Belkarth:

Books of Craglorn - Crow and Raven Fables
Crow and Raven: Three Short Fables
Books of Craglorn - A Grifter's Apology page 1
A Grifter’s Apology
Books in Craglorn - A Grifter's Apology page 2
A Grifter’s Apology page 2